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Graphic Portraits

  I had to create a cover for my graphic design portfolio, here are the cover’s I ended up designing! I ended up choosing the bottom right design.

Desktop Wallpapers

I like to make my own desktop backgrounds in a collage style out of photos I love. I usually make them based off of photos that go together and whichever mood I am in. Feel free to download and use if you like them!  


“I don’t actually have antything to say but I look like a pineapple”

Design Process, Software Preference

My love for design software began at the age of fifteen. I began my first graphic design classes and immediately fell in love with adobe illustrator. It’s so clean! It’s pristine, the mathematical equations behind it that keeps the system running makes pixels invisible – in fact they’re not used to be technical. I’ve compared my design process to my classmates. It’s different. I start much more paper based than any of them – all immediately jump to the computer and start playing out their ideas, while I grab a pen (g2 .05 is my favorite, a 1 is also…

Norwegian Fjord, Alien Planet

Last summer my father took my sister and I on a trip to Norway. I was in love. The country is beautiful and in the summer its the perfect amount of cold air with sunny moods. I just did a quick tutorial to learn to create “infrared” images and I used some of the photos…