From January, 2018

Design Process, Software Preference

My love for design software began at the age of fifteen. I began my first graphic design classes and immediately fell in love with adobe illustrator. It’s so clean! It’s pristine, the mathematical equations behind it that keeps the system running makes pixels invisible – in fact they’re not used to be technical. I’ve compared my design process to my classmates. It’s different. I start much more paper based than any of them – all immediately jump to the computer and start playing out their ideas, while I grab a pen (g2 .05 is my favorite, a 1 is also…


You know the expression “you don’t know what you have until it’s missing?” – yeah, it’s pretty accurate. For the past week my phone has not been working, as in won’t even turn on. I also lacked a replacement for said phone. I notice myself constantly reaching for it – when I have nothing to reach for. I am now much more aware of how glued to my phone I used to be. Constantly checking my push notifications or seeing if someone was trying to reach me. I’ve gotten over not having a phone, mostly. I still want one. But…

Clear Mind

I go into every year with a fresh mindset. Every year gives me new experiences and opportunity for growth (even if I don’t capitalize off of it). 2018 is no different – fresh mindset, fresh “start”. My goal this year is to keep in mind what is important. To be mindful in my actions.